The Slider Keeps Changing?

The slideshow in the center of the main page changes fairly regularly now. Why? Because we want you to use this front page of our website as a dashboard.


We're keeping the slideshow up to date to show the next 4 events (plus/minus our next habitat workday & chapter meeting) from the events calendar. It takes a little bit of work, but we know you are busy, and we want to leverage this website to quickly inform you of what our chapter is doing. If you want something to get onto the slideshow please add it to the calendar of events, or Email the details to for addition to the calendar of events.


A cool function to take note of is that you can click on the number (1 - 4) and the slideshow will advance, or reverse to that number so you can read the text associated to the image.


As national TU continues to improve the website, we will continue to leverage it for member needs.