Collin Smith

Collin Smith
Job title: 
Ecological Engineer
About me: 
Avid hiker, fisherman, and birdwatcher in my free time. Professionally, I am an ecological engineer working to improve the ecosystems in the Milwaukee area and throughout the Midwest through watershed planning and implementation of management practices. The best days of work are ones where I can bring along my rod!
Favorite quote: 
Life is good to those who know how to live. I do not ever hope to accumulate great funds of worldly wealth, but I shall accumulate something far more valuable, a store of wonderful memories. When I reach the twilight of life I shall look back and say I'm glad I lived as I did, life has been good to me. -Sigurd F. Olson
Other Interests: 
clean water
Group membership: 
Madmen - 477
Southeastern Wisconsin - 078