February Chapter Meeting


Our February chapter meeting will feature our first annual "Night of" series where our speakers and events focus on a specific fly. For this meeting we will focus on the caddis

The meeting is again at the Thunder Bay Grille in Pewaukee. 



Come early (6pm) and join or watch our fly tying round table where members will tie and show off their favorite caddis patterns.


Our own esteemed member, Jason Freund, will be the first guest speaker (7pm) talking about caddis biology. Our second speaker will be Gordy Martin with Tie 1 On guide service. He will talk about caddis fishing applications.


We will also have IF4 Fly Fishing Film Festival tickets for sale at the meeting. 


If you like to tie flies and are interested in showing off your favorite caddis pattern, please contact Taylor Todd at taylorjtodd@gmail.com