Fly Tiers Needed! 5/18 and 5/19

The Midwest Outdoor Heritage Education Expo will take place this year, and Wisconsin Trout Unlimited will again be teaching kids how to tie flies. We are expecting over 3,000 students and teachers to attend! The students will be from 4-6th grade. The number of students that get to tie a fly is based on the number of volunteers we have to teach them how to tie a fly. In the past, we have had over 900 students tie a fly in the two days, but we need at least 18 tiers each day to make it happen.All the materials to tie the flies, along with written instruction, are provided for the volunteers to use to teach the kids how to tie a fly. These are basic fly patterns that are easy to tie such as a mop fly. All the volunteers would have to bring is their tying vise and tools. The fly patterns will be E-mailed to the volunteers so they would see what patterns they might be tying. Please note - due to recent COVID rates- tyers will be demonstrating only, and handing flies over to the kids. If you can tie a fly and would be willing to help on one or both days, please call Bob Haase at 920-579-3858 or Email at: We really need your help! Bob can answer any questions you may have and can provide the support material such as directions on how to get there. We need to be set up by around 8:30am and kids will start arriving around 9:00am and run until around 2:30pm. Maybe you can find another tier to car pool with and talk fishing on the way there and back.For more information go to: