Virtual Chapter Meetings!

We're starting virtual chapter meetings using Zoom! 


On November 11th Chapter Vice President Andy Avgoulas is presenting information related to fall tributary runs of Salmon and Trout. Andy is an expert tributary angler, and this presentation will help you learn the art of working these seasonal tributary runs. We're using this as a practice meeting so that everyone can ensure that their computers or phones has Zoom installed, and set up correctly. We do expect complications, and we're ready to work through them.


On November 17th our friends from the Driftless Angler ( are presenting. We look forward to hearing about the season that just wrapped up, and the professional insight to all the great fishing that the Driftless region provides. 


So how is this going work? Well we need to balance keeping "random jerks" from entering our meetings, and making it as easy as possible for you to join the meeting. On November 11th please use the following link below to join the meeting (it will load and open your Zoom software if installed, or provide an opportunity to load web enabled). After we see how this works on the 11th, the board of directors will push out the meeting link for November 17th and make adjustments. When you first log in to the meeting you will find yourself muted, and in a waiting room; we (the board) will pull you into the main meeting once we do a quick check to makesure you're not some random who found our link and is trying to sell us beach property in the desert.


It is critical that we have your Email address on our roster before the Nov 17th meeting. After the Nov 11th meeting the invite is going out via E-mail. If your E-mail address has changed you can contact me, and I can get the address updated in the TU roster.


This is something new, we're going to get through this, we're going to beat Covid-19, and we're going to catch fish while having fun doing it.


-- John


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 5997 9937
Passcode: 332555