Tichigan Creek Workday

Saturday, July 20th, 2019 - 9:00am


Tichigan Creek in Racine County is the newest brook trout stream in southeastern Wisconsin. The recent draining of an artificial waterfowl pond near the headwaters of the stream revealed a natural, meandering stream channel with summer water temperatures in the mid-50s. The first annual brook trout stocking quota was released into the stream last September. While water temperatures are ideal for brook trout success, in-stream habitat could use a lot of help. The July workday will likely include chainsawing and brush-cutting, as well as installation of biologs, brushmatting, and in-stream woody habitat features. These activities will stabilize the streambank, concentrate streamflow, mobilize soft sediments, and maintain cold water temperatures. Combined with annual stocking and a pair of planned culvert replacement projects, habitat restoration at Tichigan Creek is expected to provide a unique, fishable brook trout population in southeastern Wisconsin.


For more information contact John Graba at grabajohn@yahoo.com