Education & Outreach Committee


Various members of SEWTU gravitate towards education, and outreach opportunities that pair well with their skills. You may have a fishing, educational, or hobby skill that you also have a knack for explaining. That make you the person who is great for this committee.


This committee is very diverse in what it does. Trout in the classroom is a great example (; however, we do some fundamental fishing things as well (fly casting clinics, spin casting clinics, fishing clinics, fly tying, entomology lessons). The things done vary by the people involved. The impact of so many things that we do so well is immense.


There are some routine annual clinics such as our traditional Greenfield casting clinic, and brat fry that we hold every summer. A lot of other things are based on opportunity, knowledge, and passion to pass on our traditions. Some members of this committee wait until called upon; some actively seek out opportunities to engage others. This is member driven; ask yourself what you want to teach others.


We often take advantage of the great public spaces here in Southeastern Wisconsin; however, we have some gracious partners in the business world who donate so much time, space, and expertise to support our education mission.


Because we’re lucky, we have it so good, somehow through hard work, luck, or tradition we ended up with a passion for coldwater species, fishing, and education. We can pass this gift of knowledge to the next generation, and our peers who want to know, but didn’t have the same road to where we all stand now.


We are only limited by our own engagement. This committee is driven by you, supported by the membership, supported by the chapter board, supported by the chapter officers, and often supported by the community at large.


To join the committee contact committee chair and president emeritus Boyd Roessler (