We started 2014 with our yearly spring clean-up. This year we teamed up with the Urban Ecology Center in April to work on the Menomonee River in the shadow of Miller Park. 


In July we once again teamed up with the Aldo Leopold chapter to work on Bear Creek near Avalanche Wisconsin. We also continued our yearly tradition of holding our Summer Chapter Outing on the same weekend at the nearby West Fork Sportsman's Club.


In late summer we had a hugely successful family workday at Paradise Springs Creek. Throughout the year we also visited the Onion River and Allenton Creek. We finished up with a greatly successful workday at the Scuppernong River.

2014 Workdays:

  • Menomonee River 
  • Onion River 
  • Bear Creek 
  • Allenton Creek 
  • Paradise Springs Creek
  • Whitewater Creek
  • Ulao Creek
  • Scuppernong River