Allenton Creek Workday

On September 15, 2007, SEWTU returned, for the first time in many years, to Allenton Creek for a workday.  Allenton Creek is a coldwater stream located in our Chapter's northern region, which holds trout, but which has fallen into neglect.   Nearly 20 SEWTU volunteers turned out for this workday, led by our good friend John Nelson of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Under John's watch, SEWTU members helped clear the stream corridor, making it more accessible to the public, and opening the stream to sunlight in order to encourage the growth of insects and other life within the stream, which serves as a food source for trout.  SEWTU's clearing work additionally removed materials which had fallen into the stream, and disrupted and slowed its flow, and which were aiding in warming the streams temperatures.   


The day was a complete success in that SEWTU mobilized a large number of dedicated volunteers, and provided stream work in a traditional, local, coldwater stream.  Hopefully, and after further work, Allenton Creek will shape into a great local fishing destination.


Following the workday, SEWTU hosted its traditional bratwurst lunch, where members were given the chance to socialize, and head out fishing.  A good time was had by all, and SEWTU looks forward to continuing to work to improve Allenton Creek.