Elk Creek Workday

On June 23, 2007, approximately 20 SEWTU volunteers traveled once again to the Driftless Area, in order to work at Elk Creek.  This workday, sponsored and led by our good friend Dick Peters of the Ocooch Creeks Chapter of Trout Unlimited, also involved work crews from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and Friends of the Prairie. 


This workday focused once again on the headwater area of Elk Creek.   This section of the stream, a narrow, cold, and spring fed region, has been the subject of extensive prior restoration work, and a wonderful prairie restoration in its riparian area.  Volunteers focused once again on removing encroaching unwanted vegetation, primarily willow chutes, and opening up the stream's corridor.  This work was done to compliment subsequent WDNR work utilizing heavier mowing equipment.   Where the WDNR's heavy equipment will make quick work of larger open areas at the site, our work focused on the section between the stream and the prairie, where the WNDR's equipment cannot operate. 


At the conclusion of the workday, SEWTU volunteers enjoyed a great bratwurst lunch, hosted at Ocooch member Mark Nash's yurt.  Many SEWTU volunteers also took this opportunity to camp and fish, and a good time was had by all.