Elk Creek Workday

On September 18, 2010, a dedicated crew of 20 volunteers traveled from Milwaukee, Merill, Madison, Geneva Lake, and other areas of Wisconsin to take part in a workday at Elk Creek.


The Nash Family Project at Elk Creek was the Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited's 2010 TUDARE project, and this workday was undertaken following a complete stream corridor restoration which graded and strengthened banks, installed in-stream fish habitat, and which remediated the impact of prior agricultural changes and unwanted beaver dams.


At this workday, volunteers cut and removed invasive willow trees which were clogging the river valley bottom, and which were providing  a material source to persistent local beavers for dam creation.  The dams, in turn, slow the water of the creek, warm it, allow siltation to occur, all of which in turn negatively impact the stream and its inhabitants, including but not limited to trout.  After the willow was cut, stumps were treated with an herbicide to ensure that regrowth is minimalized.


This workday was surrounded by SEWTU's fall fishing outing, and a great time was had by all who attended. SEWTU Thanks all those who turned out, and who made this workday a success, and especially thanks the Nash Family for thier generous allowance of this project, and its associated fishing easement.