Scuppernong Creek Workday

On Saturday, February 6, 2010, a brave band of over 45 volunteers from SEWTU, Gary Borger TU, and Oakbrook TU, gathered at the Southern District of the Kettle Moraine Fisheries Building, outside of Eagle, Wisconsin, and performed a great deal of conservation work despite temperatures well below freezing, and falling snow.   This workday was led, and made possible, by our good friends from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


First, a crew of over 30 volunteers built a remarkable number of mini-LUNKER structures (bank stablization/fish structure devices), completing work which we began in September, 2009. 


Second, a smaller, yet equally devoted band (a/k/a the folks who brought neoprane waders) headed to Scuppernong Creek to remove invasive vegetation which had begun to choke shut areas of the creek we'd previously improved. 


At the conclusion of the workday, a veritable feast was provided by the Gary Borger Chapter of TU and its Conservation Chair Jim Bailey, along with incredible donated treats (bacon wrapped duck liver, to be exact, and some soup) provided by other members of SEWTU.


All in all, the workday was a complete success, and marked yet another example of SEWTU and Gary Borger TU teaming up -- with a little Oakbrook TU thrown in for good measure -- to complete even more restoration work right in southeastern Wisconsin.