Milwaukee River Cleanup Workday

On April 24, 2010, numerous SEWTU volunteers and friends decended upon the Milwaukee River, performing clean-up operations.  The event was part of the Friends of Milwaukee's Rivers annual Earth Day River Clean Up, which in total features hundreds of crews, working on various watershed points throughout the greater Milwaukee area, and provides a great service to our community. This year's event was held on the Menomonee River, as part of SEWTU's efforts towards the Menomonee River Fish Passage Project being run by MMSD, DNR, and others. 


Members working found a great variety of interesting treasures, including a SFP trombone, the fender from a 76 Skylark, two plastic chimpmunk statues and three gold dabloons previously buried by pirates.  Rrrrrr.  


This workday was important because the Milwaukee River is one of our Chapter's important home waters, and one which many of our members regularly fish for all manners of species.  Led by Chapter Political Liaison and Board of Directors member John Knitter, SEWTU had a great turnout, cleaned up a good stretch of the Milwaukee River, and gave back to one of our prized local resources.


Unfortunately, no photographs have been located for this workday.