Genesee Creek Workday

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, SEWTU returned to Genesee Creek along with volunteers from Gary Borger TU, and Oakbrook TU (both out of Northern Illinois) to continue our ongoing work at the site.  Along with Professor Jason Freund of Carroll University (formerly Carroll College), volunteers split up in to several groups.


One group engaged the ever present buckthorn at the site, removing it, and treating the remains with herbicide, in order to limit regrowth.  Another group, led by SETWU and Gary Borger's newly FISTA certified volunteers, downed cedar trees, for later use as part of upcoming in-stream work.  Finally, two remaining groups took on two major treefalls which had occurred in a recent windstorm.  Both trees were significant, and nearly completely impeded the creek.  Volunteers removed the trees, freeing the creek's flow.


At the conclusion of the workday, volunteers feasted on a provided bratwurst lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.


SEWTU thanks all volunteers who turned out and pitched in at this wonderful workday.