Scuppernong Creek Workday

On June 27, 2009, SEWTU attended a workday hosted by the Gary Borger Chapter of TU, out of northern Ilinois, at Scuppernong Creek.  Located in the Southern District of the Kettle Moraine Forest, and within SEWTU's Chapter area, Scuppernong Creek is a small, rare coldwater stream in our region. 


At the workday, and under the leadership of the Southern District's WDNR Fisheries Crew, volunteers helped install mini-LUNKER structures which we had built last summer.  Volunteers additionally raked, graded, seeded, and covered bank areas effected by work.  Volunteers also added gravel as spawning substrate in the stream.   Finally, volunteers also finished installing biolog bank stabilization devices along the back of the Paradise Springs pond, where a deteriorated and collapsing metal wall was removed during our workday at the springs in January of this year.


At the conclusion of the workday, volunteers were treated to an incredible feast by Jim and Nancy Bailey, and other members of Gary Borger TU.  SEWTU thanks Gary Borger TU for making us a part of their workday, and looks forward to continuing our work at Paradise Springs and Scuppernong Creek.