Bluff Creek


On Sept. 8, SEWTU returned to Bluff Creek, near Whitewater, to help the DNR remove some brush that was encroaching on the stream and causing an excess of silt to build up.


Several logjams were impeding the flow of water about 100 yards downstream of the Hwy. P bridge. About 25 SEWTU volunteers fired up the chainsaws, got out the bow saws and loppers, and got to work clearing the path for the water (and trout)! This portion of the creek is Class II trout water, meaning that some natural reproduction occurs along with some stocking.


Upstream of the Hwy. P bridge is classified as Class I trout water. Natural reproduction is common and there is no stocking of trout in this section.  


Thank you to Henry Koltz and Rick Frye for providing the lunch afterwards.  And thanks to all who came out to help. The creek is flowing much better now thanks to the efforts of our volunteers!