Camp Creek


This year, our chapter has been a major player in the Matthes Family Restoration Project on lower Camp Creek, a TUDARE Project. Jim Wierzba and Henry Koltz wrote the grants to help get the project started, and on August 18, a group of SEWTU volunteers headed west for a great workday. Work crews built over 40 LUNKERS for use in the project which aims to greatly reduce erosion along the stream banks. Thanks to all who participated. We would also like to thank Congressman Ron Kind, who along with several staff members, stopped out to assist with the project. Afterwards, Congressman Kind got to see Farm Bill Conservation dollars at work when he toured our previously restored section of Camp Creek just upstream.


This restoration project on Camp Creek will take place on the property behind the Viola County Park. It’s adjacent to the pasture that we helped restore in 2008, which is fishing quite well. This stretch of Camp Creek has some pretty decent trout habitat, but it’s been plagued with erosion problems. Hopefully, after the work is completed, the banks are tapered, and the river is reconnected to its flood plain, the amount of silt washing downstream will be greatly reduced. The LUNKER structures that we built at this workday will be installed on the outside bends to help stabilize the banks and provide some cover for trout.


We held our second fishing outing of the year around this workday. Volunteers camped at the West Fork Sportsman’s Club in Avalanche over the weekend. We were treated to some great Hopper action on the Driftless streams and everyone had a great time sharing stories around the camp fire. We’re already looking forward to next years’ outing!