Rosenow Creek


On Saturday, July 21, 2012, SEWTU returned to Rosenow Creek in Oconomowoc, to work with our good friends from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This little gem of a brook trout stream is being threatened by the plant Elodea, an aquatic invasive species. When left unchecked, the growth of this plant can reduce stream flows, restrict fish movement, and cause silt to accumulate in the stream. About 30 volunteers put on their waders, and got to work raking a 3 ft. wide path through the middle of the stream channel. By opening up the stream, we increased stream flows and created more angling opportunities.


The creek had long been cared for by local school teacher Mike Olander and his students. Since Mike’s retirement several years ago, no one has been around to help maintain the river corridor. Last year Mike went looking for a new group of conservationists to look after this Class I trout stream. He reached out to the DNR who in turn contacted SEWTU. Not surprisingly, our chapter eagerly rolled up its sleeves and got to work busting log jams and removing Elodea at a Workday last July. SEWTU will continue to serve as steward of Rosenow Creek in the future.


After the workday, volunteers enjoyed SEWTU’s signature Brat Fry, put on by Henry Koltz, Rick Frye, and others. Then, Ben Heussner, DNR Fisheries Biologist, did a small backpack shocking of a stretch of the creek which turned up numerous wild, native brook trout.



Thank you to all who helped. Our hard work is definitely benefiting our cold water friends.