Anderson Farm LUNKERS

On June 10, 2006, SEWTU members again traveled to the Richland County area, where they banded together with three other TU Chapters in order to construct Lunker Structures at the Anderson Farm, located in Ithaca, Wisconsin.  The farm, owned by the parents and family of Ken Anderson, a Technician with  Richland County Land Conservation, served as a staging ground for volunteers from Wisconsin's Ocooch Creeks Chapter,  Blackhawk Chapter, Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter, and SEWTU. 


At the farm, volunteers constructed nearly 40 Lunker Structures.    Lunker Structures are "handmade cut banks."  Essentially, a Lunker Structure is a wooden shelf which is placed at the edge of a stream, in the water, next to the existing bank.  The structure is driven into the streams bed using rebar connecting rods, and is then covered with a rock, protective top layer.  Backfill is then used to grade away from the structure.


The result is a stabalized, erosion resistent bank which prevents slumping, soil loss, and deposition into the stream.  Aside from these obvious anti-erosive benefits, Lunker Structures also serve as an excelent refuge and forage locations for trout. 


The workday was a complete success, as once again SEWTU members showed their metal, and aided in constructing structures that one day members of our Chapter may enjoy fishing under.  The Anderson family also provided an excellent steak lunch, and SEWTU members walked away from the workday having aided a worthwhile restoration effort, and with exceptionally full stomachs!


Photographs of the workday may be found by clicking here