Elk Creek Workday

On May 6, 2006, SEWTU volunteers again traveled to the Richland Center area in order to assist the Ocooch Creeks Chapter with in-stream restoration work; on this occassion at Elk Creek.  Elk Creek is a fine piece of water, carrying both both native brook trout (in its upper reaches) and brown trout (slightly lower downstream). 


Elk Creek was the subject of a significant restoration effort undertaken by the Ocooch Creeks Chapter -- an effort which, along with other accomplishments of that Chapter, led to the awarding to Ocooch Creeks of a Silver Trout Award by the Wisconsin State Council of Trout Unlimited.  The stream, and the restoration which Ocooch Creeks Chapter has accomplished, are both spectacular.


The May 6, 2006, workday was a true example of what can happen when conservation groups band together.  Representatives from not only the Ocooch Creeks and Southeast Wisconsin Chapters of Trout Unlimited were present, but also attending and working were members from prairie restoration organizations, as well as game foul organizations.   With so many volunteers, and so much labor, quick work was had, and excellent restoration progress made.


As with Ash Creek, invasive willow chutes had again encroached upon the creek.   SEWTU volunteers removed and treated huge numbers of encroaching saplings.   Thereafter, SEWTU volunteers, in coordination with Ocooch Creeks leadership, got in-steam, and repaired slumped banks, where lining rip-rap had failed.   In the process, SEWTU volunteers repaired drop and cross-channel fish structures.


As is their custom, Ocooch Creeks provided an excellent bratwurst fry lunch, and thereafter SEWTU volunteers again enjoyed some excellent fishing in the area.