Nichols Creek Workday

On September 28, 2006, Volunteers attended the first-ever SEWTU workday at Nichols Creek.  Nichols Creek is, in actuality, the headwater of the Milwaukee River, one of our Chapter's home waters.  SEWTU is, in fact, a member of the Milwaukee River Basin Partnership.  An exceptionally healthy, spring fed, cold headwater, Nichols Creek regularly measures in at 52 degrees, even during the heat of the summer. 


In keeping with our dedication to the Milwaukee River in all of its expanses, and in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, SEWTU workers removed deadfalls and other debris from the stream which had impeded water flow.   Volunteers also opened paths to allow equipment near the stream for future stream restoration work. 


Nichols Creek has the potential to be an exciting small-stream restoration project for SEWTU, and this workday was a great opportunity to show the WDNR that SEWTU is committed to maintaining and restoring its home water, the Milwaukee River.   Stay tuned for additional information about potential upcoming Nichols Creek restoration work.


At the conclusion of the workday, SEWTU volunteers enjoyed a provided bratwurst lunch.  All in all, this was a successful workday, and another example of SEWTU members upholding Trout Unlimited's ideals, and creating a measurable and solid impact improving a cold water stream.