Blackhawk Workday

On Saturday, October 25, 2008, a brave band of 8 SEWTU volunteers headed to the greater New Glarus region to aid the Blackhawk Chapter of Trout Unlimited in constructing LUNKER structures at two locations:  on a branch of Sugar Creek, and a branch of Hefty Creek.  Starting at 8:00 a.m., volunteers from both Chapters, along with landowner volunteers, constructed approximately 35 LUNKERS between the two locations.   SEWTU is grateful for the opportunity to aid the Blackhawk Chapter, which has aided our Chapter in the past, and which has been a consistent leader in coldwater conservation throughout Wisconsin.


Thereafter, SEWTU volunteers traveled to the Richland County area, where under the leadership of John Knitter and Jason Freund, thermosters were installed at our project at Camp Creek.  The thermosters are part of our ongoing post-restoration data gathering at the site, and will record temperatures electronically at select times each day.


After installing our thermosters, volunteers toured the Camp Creek site, taking in the totality of our joint restoration, accomplished over the past three years with the Ocooch Creeks Chapter.  Once vegetation is fully regrown next spring, the site will look natural once again, and was -- as our volunteers witnessed -- already holding plenty of trout.