Van Slyke Creek Workday

On July 19, 2008, over 40 volunteers from SEWTU, Blackhawk TU, and Gary Borger TU traveled to Fontana, Wisconsin.  Also present were numerous volunteers from the greater Fontana area.  Once there, members from all organizations, under the leadership of Mr. Doug Welch of the WDNR, and Wes Milner and Jill Wegner of Blackhawk TU, worked extensively removing wooden dams and wooden debris, as well as other obstructions from Van Slyke Creek. 


Van Slyke Creek is the subject of a Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program grant ("WHIP"), which was awarded to the Village of Fontana.  Our work was part and parcel to achieving the described goals of the WHIP grant, and helped to achieve and complete WHIP grant requirements.


This workday was a great success, in that it brought SEWTU members to work in a part of our Chapter area in which we have traditionally had very few workdays.  Additionally, this workday brought together multiple TU Chapters and community organizations, with the  goals of stream restoration and cold water conservationism being highlighted.  It is simply nice, moreover, to work with sister TU Chapters, whose companionship we alway enjoy -- notably when said Chapters are some of the hardest working in the region.  


Following the workday, SEWTU hosted its traditional bratwurst lunch, along with delicious summer fruit provided by Dan Asmus, where volunteers  were given the chance to socialize, and then in some instances to head out fishing.  A good time was had by all, and SEWTU looks forward to continuing future workdays at Van Slyke Creek.