Davis Creek Workday

On May 10, 2008, SEWTU joined forces, for the first time ever, with the Fox Valley of Trout Unlimited for a joint workday, at Davis Creek.  Located just outside of Wild Rose, Wisconsin, Davis Creek is a coldwater stream which acts as a rearing ground for trout in the Pine River.  Over 20 volunteers attended from the between the two chapters, and an incredible amount of work was accomplished. 


Led by Fox Valley TU leadership, workers removed encroaching underbrush and trees, and used the removed foliage to create brush bundles and bank structures.  These structures and bundles were used, in turn, to narrow the creek at points where it had become unnaturally wide, in an effort to return the creek to its pre-man-altered state.


The day was a complete success in that SEWTU mobilized a large number of dedicated volunteers, to a location nearly two hours north of our Chapter area, and provided stream work in an incredible coldwater stream.  Moreover, the workday saw SEWTU join forces with yet another Wisconsin TU chapter, and we made some great friends in another part of the state in the process.   


Following the workday, Fox Valley TU hosted an incredible hamburger and bratwurst lunch, where members were given the chance to socialize, and to then head out fishing.  A good time was had by all, and SEWTU looks forward to continuing to work with the Fox Valley Chapter of TU in the future.