Genesee Creek Workday

On Saturday, October 18, 2008, SEWTU joined forces with Carroll College and Professor Jason Freund, and once again returned to Genesee Creek.  The site of an SEWTU-sponsored 2005 roller mill dam removal, Genesee Creek is one of southeast Wisconsin's true coldwater gems.  Over the past several years SEWTU has held a number of workdays at Genesee Creek, removing invsavie species, planting native flora, and performing a host of in-stream work. Over 30 volunteers turned out for this workday, from Carroll College, SEWTU, and the greater Waukesha County area community at large.


At this workday, volunteers split up in to four groups.  The first group, under the leadership of a youth-volunteer, undertook gravel and sediment data collecting, measuring the type and size of sediment existing below a to-be-removed diversion structure.  The second group removed the aforementioned improper stream diversion structure. The third group restored a number of walkways which had been washed away and displaced during this spring's flooding events, and the final group cut and bucked a stand of cedar trees, which will be used for in-stream structures this upcoming spring and summer.


At the conclusion of the workday, volunteers were -- as always -- provided a free lunch, and a great chance to socialize and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and colors.


SEWTU looks forward to continuing its efforts at Genesee Creek, and continuing to work with Professor Freund and Carroll College.